Dec 23, 2008

posando en Broadway/ posing on Broadway

written by Cristina
in category arte l art, New York

Paseando por Broadway, me encontré con una sesión fotográfica de una modelo.

Walking on Broadway, I found a model’s photographic shooting.

model shooting

Se empezó a llenar de gente haciéndole fotos y grabándola, pero ella posaba como sí nada, como si no hubiese nadie a su alrededor, imagino que la costumbre.

There was a lot of people looking at her, but she was there posing as if nobody was around her, I imagine that she is use to it.

model shooting-2

La chica estaba temblando, y cada vez que el fotógrafo paraba de tomar fotos, una mujer se encargaba de taparla con una bata. Realmente hacía mucho frío.

The woman was shivering, and every time the photograph stopped, there was another woman that covered her with a robe. It was really freezing.

"con la bata de la yaya"

(Atención a los zapatos que llevaba…)

(Attention the shoes she wore…)

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  • Diego
    Dec 12, 2015

    Wendy – Thank you for sharing with me Keziah ..those are anmaizg photos and it was a wonderful day ..xoTwo of my favs .the happy couple on the swing and the lovely bride in front of the red barn Fabulous work!!

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